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What we do

The „Friends of Sternberg Primary School” association supports the school in realising projects not funded by the government. For example, we help to promote the joy of reading by buying new books for the school’s library, setting up reading corners in classrooms, and organising fairy-tale readings during day care. We also invest our money and energy for other projects like keeping bees in the schoolyard.

To enable all children to participate in school-trips, our association can award families a grant if needed, too. We are open for all kinds of new ideas that enrich and enliven everyday life of all students, teachers and child care workers at school.

Get in touch with us and apply for sponsoring of your proposal! (Contact details below.)

What you can do

Support our association according to your motivation and possibilities. This could mean an active membership that allows you to directly take part in decision-making. If you do not have the time, a contribution to the buffet at school events is very welcome. Or you might want to provide ideas for new projects or assist our work by donations. We are happy about your support in any form!

We would like to emphasise that a membership does not imply responsibilities, but creates chances - always to the extent that works best for you.  

Our annual membership fees are:

1 child: 5€

1 adult: 15€

1 adult + 1 child: 15€

2 adults + 1 child: 25€ (+ 3€ for each additional child)

How to get in touch with us

These are the members of our board, you can talk to us directly or write an e-mail (

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We have a pigeon-hole in the secretariat, too.

You can also meet us in person: usually one of us is present at the “Eltern-Café” in the “Mensa” (cafeteria in the basement) every Tuesday at 8 a.m.

Banking account: DE10 1009 0000 5391 0030 00 (Berliner Volksbank)

How our association developed

The „Friends of Sternberg Primary School” association was founded in January 1996. Our goal was and still is to support the school’s work financially as well as by participation of parents. This is accomplished by promoting enriching and important projects (of students, teachers, child care workers, or parents) that would otherwise not be funded by the government.

Recently, we had a hard time fulfilling this task, as we were lacking enough active members. This almost resulted in dissolution of our association, but luckily, a couple of motivated and committed parents took charge at the turning of the school year in 2018. To ensure the future of our association, though, we strongly depend on being backed by the parent community. Consequently, we are happy about every new member, and membership does not necessarily imply that you would have to invest a lot of work and time. So do not hesitate to participate in our activities, we are looking forward to seeing you! 

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